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January 10, 2010

hey guys! its roeroe3,

lol i know i havent updated this in a while, but casadia12 and I have been wayyy busy latley! check out our pics! ;D




October 3, 2009

Too busy and too much homework to ever edit this. So  looks like this is going be a summer blog. And yeha I know thats along time away.

~stay coolio forever~

Awesome Clothes

August 28, 2009

Exclusive Clothes at the NEW Dizzy Web Store

by The Dizzywood Team on August 27, 2009

Outfit your Dizzywood explorer in hot new threads by picking up some exclusive gear at the brand new Dizzy Web Store!

These cool, unique outfits are available for a limited time only and can be purchased for $1 each.

You don’t need to be a member to get these clothes. Pick them up before they’re gone and start showing off your style in Dizzywood!

The Dizzy Web Store is located at:

Dizzy Web Store Outfits


Go to and check out the cool stuff going on!


~stay coolio forever

~going on dizzywood right now.


August 23, 2009

Im so sorry the I havent been posting lately but…. SCHOOLS TOMMOROW! my summer fun is done so I will be posting alot lesss. but if you dont see a post up here check out the other dizzywood cheat sites unded in the blogroll (to the right-scroll down a lil)


Post later in the week! Nite!


~stay coolio forever~

Growing Vines

August 17, 2009

Grwoing Vines

Yep It really simply just follow the directions. You get 300 coins at the end.  Check out the new Dizzywood Calender! Awesome I know ryt!

~casadia~  ~stay coolio forever~

Hey Guys!!

August 16, 2009

hey guyss! please visit , which has been updated! please answer the new poll located on the site too!

thanks so much!


August 15, 2009

Dizzywood’s New Feature: Charms

by The Dizzywood Team on August 14, 2009

We’re so excited to introduce Charms into Dizzywood, and can’t wait to hear what you think!

What are Charms?

Charms are super fun gifts that you can collect throughout Dizzywood to give to your friends so they can decorate their names.

How do Charms work?

Moonpebble is going to be sprinkling special Charm Chests throughout Dizzywood every week. Where she’ll sprinkle them nobody knows, but it’s up to you to find them. Inside each Charm Chest is a Charm that will go in your backpack. You can charm yourself, or you can send a Charm to anyone else in Dizzywood.

Here’s what it looks like when you charm your friends:

Send Charms to your friends!

How will you know what Charms, and how many Moonpebble will sprinkle?

Check the Dizzy Guide’s Charm Calendar to see which Charms will arrive in the Dizzywood. If you stay on top of when they get released, you’ll have the chance to collect them all! Charms don’t stay around forever, so if you’re trying to collect an entire set make sure to keep an eye on the Charms Calendar. Some Charms are rare and will be hard to find, but you can get your friends to help explore!

Charms for your Dizzy home!

As a gift, Moonpebble also will reward  you with a Charm for your home, so you can decorate your Dizzy room. It’s always fun to show off what you’ve collected, so have fun showing your Charm sets to all your friends!

Show off your stickers!

Special charms for Members

Bonus charms will be available for Gold Explorers. Check your Missions tab for Moonpebble’s Charms and discover these special charms for Members!


Something NEW is Coming!

by The Dizzywood Team on August 12, 2009

She’s magical, mysterious, and appears during a full moon;  she’s Moonpebble! And we’ve just got word that she’s going to be scattering something very special for the citizens of Dizzywood this weekend.

Moonpebble's Charm Chests

What do you make of it?


The new clothing shop is so awesome!


~casadia~ Stay Coolio Forever and ever